An adiabatic bubble

IIT-JEE 2008 Paper 1, Question 38,39,40

A small spherical monoatomic ideal gas bubble \left(\gamma=\frac{5}{3}\right) is trapped inside a liquid of density \rho_{\ell} (see figure below). Assume that the bubble does not exchange any heat with the liquid. The bubble contains n moles of gas. The temperature of the gas when the bubble is at the bottom is T_{0}, the height of the liquid is H and the atmospheric pressure is P_{0} (Neglect surface tension).

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1. As the bubble moves upwards, besides the buoyancy force the following forces are acting on it

  1. Only the force of gravity
  2. The force due to gravity and the force due
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Electric field in a hollow region

IIT-JEE 2007 Paper 2, Question 6

(This problem is was repeated in JEE Advanced 2015 Paper 2, Question 11)

A spherical portion has been removed from a solid sphere having a charge distributed uniformly in its volume as shown in the figure. The electric field inside the emptied space is

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  1. zero everywhere
  2. non-zero and uniform
  3. non-uniform
  4. zero only at its center

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As explained in a related problem we can think of the given charge distribution as a …

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