A collection of problems on standing waves

Question 1

A string of length L is clamped at each end and vibrates in a standing wave pattern. The wavelengths of the constituent traveling waves cannot be:

  1. L/2
  2. L
  3. 2L/3
  4. 2L
  5. 4L

Question 2

If the speed of sound is 340 m/s, the length of the shortest open-closed pipe that resonates at 218 Hz is:

  1. 23 cm
  2. 17 cm
  3. 39 cm
  4. 78 cm
  5. 1.6 cm

Question 3

At 20^\circ {\rm C}, a pipe open at both ends resonates at a frequency of 440 Hz. At what frequency does the same pipe resonate on a particularly cold day when the speed of sound is 3 percent lower than …

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