Elongation due to a suspended weight

JEE Advanced 2019 Paper 1, Question 14

A block of weight 100 N is suspended by copper and steel wires of same cross sectional area 0.5 cm^2 and, length \sqrt{3} m and 1 m, respectively. Their other ends are fixed on a ceiling as shown in figure. The angles subtended by copper and steel wires with ceiling are 30^{\circ} and 60^{\circ}, respectively.
If elongation in copper wire is \left(\Delta l_{C}\right) and elongation in steel wire is \left(\Delta l_{S}\right), then the ratio \frac{\Delta l_{C}}{\Delta l_{S}} is

[Young’s modulus for copper and steel are 1 \times 10^{11} N/m^2 and 2 \times 10^{11} N/m^2, respectively.]

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We will label the tension in the steel and copper wires by F_S and …

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